Methods Used In Permanent Hair Removal

Many people find it challenging and uncomfortable to live with unwanted hair in their bodies. While at the comfort of your home you can be able to permanently get rid of the unwanted hair using the following methods;

Hair removal methods

The electrolysis method

This is a methtgg23erf6y3e7ru283ik2od whereby probes of a super thin metal are inserted into the follicles of the hair by use of electricity. The method is used to wreck the hair follicle never to grow again. The electric currents are passed through your skin to destroy the hair growth. If you are unable to use the probes, the removal of the hair will be temporal.

Electrolysis reduces the rate at which your hair is growing. However, it can also fail if you have thicker hair because the electricity is passed on each hair follicle, one hair after the other. If you do not have experience on how to remove the hair, then you may easily damage your skin. Ask for assistance if you want to do it alone or let a profession handle the treatment.

The topical creams

If you pair these creams with the regular plucking or shaving, then the unwanted hair is completely removed. It is most effective permanente ontharing methods. However, if not used well can cause skin harm. If your skin is very sensitive, then you are advised not to use topical creams.

The intense pulsed light

This is the hair removal method that is commonly used by many people because it is price friendly and it offers results that are acceptable. Under this method, a beam of light is emitted by the xenon lamp. Also, a filter is used for narrowing the wavelength, so that it enables the light to destroy the hair follicles. If the light beam is unable to reach the hair roots, then the method may fail to give the required results.

The laser method

This is the very most widely used method, and it is referred to be the very effective treatment for the removal of the unwanted completely. Different types of laser are used to this treatment, and they include;

Alexandrite laser

Here the red light with the help of alexandrite stone is emitted through the hair. If your hair is dark, then you are advised not to use this method for it will not give the results required. But people with blonde hair it works perfectly.

The diode laser

This is the ideal method of permanent hair removal for those people with dark hair. This is because the diode has a much longer wavelength that is easily penetrated into the skin to destroy the hair follicles and it has no effects on your skin. This type of laser treatment is preferred by many people who want to do away with the unwanted hair in their body completely.tg23er6fhy3e7rfu893i2

The neodymium laser

Under this type of laser treatment, a natural lamp stone is used for emitting the light with a higher wavelength that easily reaches the hair roots.

The oral medication

These medications are only used to hinder new hair from growing and not hair removal. They reduce the testosterone and hormones that cause your hair to grow.