Best Straightening Iron Features

With an increasing number of hair issues associated with the use of flat iron, individuals are always searching for a safe and professional styling tool that can satisfy them with quality, utility, and safety. For you to choose the Best Straightening Iron, you should select one that can help in acquiring various hair styles for you without harming your hair. Thus, you need to select the one that comes with the best quality and features. This features that help you determine the quality of the hair straightener are as follows;

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The kind of material used in manufacturing the flat iron plays a major role in determining the quality of the device. Cheap models are mostly made of metal heating plates. Most of the professional hair stylists make use of ceramic or tourmaline models to satisfy their clients. The stylers made with these materials can take care of your hair styling needs without tampering with the natural beauty and health of your hair.

The ability of these materials to emit plenty of negative ions have made them the appropriate component to be included in thermal styling tools. The negative ion technology provided by the ceramic and tourmaline materials are capable of styling even the most fragile and frizzy hair into completely straight smooth locks in a few seconds.

Plate size

Plate size is another major feature that determines the health of your hair. Though plate size may not necessarily be a limitation for the average haired persons, if one has long thick hair then he or she should opt for extra-long plates and plates with 1” plate size would be the most preferable for short-haired people. Before making a choice you should know your hair type and texture first.

Temperature control

Variable or adjustable temperature control is another key feature that any professional flat iron should have. Selecting a flat iron with variable temperature allows you to adjust the temperature according to your hair texture. Thick and long haired people should require a higher temperature for good straightening while lower temperature should be set for thin or fine haired people so as to do away with overheating and burning of hair.

Heating element

One yhfjfjgfjgkgkof the most important factor to pay close attention to is the heating element of the device. Amongst some types of heating elements included in hair straighteners these days, the best one has to be the new technological outburst-ICHS (integrated ceramic heating system).


A flat iron that is of good quality is mostly accompanied with a warranty. Most professional flat irons are provided with a limited warranty of one year. This comes in handy in case of any breakage, malfunction or damage.