Best tips when choosing coats and outwear for men

One of the key attire in any man’s wardrobe is the coat. This being the case, finding the rights fit for an occasion can sometimes prove challenging. If you are working in a professional field, this can be even more challenging. Anything not equivalent to excellent can send the wrong message to your colleagues, boss or client. The 3 piece suit is one of the most popular outwear for men.  Before you even make an address poor attires can make you look meek, disorganized and unkempt.

Best tips

Go for quality


There are a lot of attires made out of cheap acrylic, even from a designer with high price tags. A good number of garments advertised as 80% wool will turn out to be more of spandex and nylon. Polyester would not do you any good during winter but only adds funky smell to your sweat. If you are looking to get value for your money, then settle for something that is high quality.

Be patient

When shopping for coats or outwear, you need to exercise a little patience if you are to find the right fit. Take time and go through the different designs available and take note of what makes them right for you. If you are a bored or frazzled coat hunter, it will be impossible for you to find the right fit.

Disappointments are bound to happen

Your first coat buying experience wouldn’t be an easy one. You are either not going to find the right fit or settle for a low-quality design. All you need to do is keep on trying until you find the right match for you. You shouldn’t be disappointed on different attempts, optimism, and persistence is key.

Go for the warmth compared to trendy designs

You can easily get through the first cold winter months with an on-trend coat that is moderately warm. But if the weather persists on the coming months you’ll have yourself to blame. When choosing coats and outwear, you should consider designs that are warm but stylish. If you are pushed to the wall, you shouldn’t make a sacrifice for warmth and get something that will be out of fashion in less than five months.

Take note of pockets


This is one of the key features which most people tend to overlook. Your coat wouldn’t be that great if it doesn’t have side pockets. This not only makes it look stylish but is advantageous during the cold season. Pockets will also provide for extra storage if you have different accessories or a mobile phone.