Gel Nails


How To Remove Gel Nails Without Acetone Application

Many women are obsessed with beauty, and more of those are very concerned about having cute nails. The current world has developed a lot of technology that supports one obtains beautiful nails. Polish application does this. However, there are other options for the application of gel nails.

You can opt for gel nails application if you have trouble growing your natural nails. They look beautiful and natural though they are artificial. Nails look even more attractive by applying nail art. These nails are available in many beauty shops and salons as they are affordable.

Acetone is commonly applied in the nail application as a means for gel removing. But, acetone is very harmful to the nails and skin. Several women are resorting to acetone free nail removal gel as they are informed of the ill effects of acetone. Use an experienced nail professional to get the gel nails removed. Qualified individuals having undergone a lot of training in the process of gel removal guarantee that the nails are removed securely and safely.

The various methods used for gel nail removal are;

Foil wrap

Your nails require being cleaned to remove gel nails using the foil wrap and so as they can be without traces of dhvegvnail polish. It also has to be filed and plain. The remover must be kept in lukewarm water for about 2 to 5 minutes ensure it doesn’t stay in warm water more than 5 minutes. Use either a cotton pad or a cotton ball, soak it in remover and place on the surface.

The next step is to fully secure the cotton pad in tinfoil so that the remover does not evaporate. You can leave it for around 30 minutes. To check if the gel is entirely removed, you can make use of cuticle pusher. Once finished the nail surface can be scraped to ensure that the gel has been removed entirely. The final step is to wash the hand and condition the skin and nails.

Bowl soaking

Just before you begin this the procedure; it is compulsory to prepare the nails for filing them. Fill a container full of warm water and mix in some remover in it. The liquid should be adequate to soak your fingers in it. Rinse your hands with this mixture and have it covered for a quarter to half an hour. Once the gel nails are soaked, lift your hands from the warm water, pat it dry and continue pushing out the gel nails with a cuticle pusher.