The advantages of An epilator


What is an Epilator

It is a device which removes hair by physically grabbing several hairs at once. The mechanism then proceeds to pull the hairs out from the root. The advantage of this system is that you get a similar result as tweezing or waxing, but the process is usually much quicker and efficient.

The main disadvantage of using these is that the process can be very painful as you are pulling the hairs out from the root. The intensity of this pain is said to get less and less as more sessions of depilation are carried out.


Are advantageous compared to other hair removal techniques, as they remove hair by plucking from the root. Tweezing or Shaving does not offer as much efficiency, unless done regularly. Epilating takes about ten to fifteen minutes, and re-growth varies from one person to another, though hair growth is finer and lighter after an efficient epilating procedure.

Though epilating is painful to some extent

222oiuThe pain can be alleviated, if the process is done after a hot shower, which opens up pores, allowing easy hair removal. There are epilators that have a built-in mechanism for minimizing pain, and additionally, it is essential to make sure that the head is always replaced with the same type, as switching between rotating and wire tweezers could lead to more pain and unevenness.

Faster devices

Are more suitable for removing thicker hair, while slower ones are preferred for removing finer hair from vulnerable spots, or parts that are hard to reach. For this reason, devices with different speed settings are considered superior models, as they can be used in any area, regardless of coarse or fine hair.

A portable version of the device is powered using rechargeable or disposable batteries, and is practical for persons who want to use them while traveling. An epilator that has interchangeable heads allows the user to switch to a shaver or blade head, depending on the type of hair to be removed and accessibility for vulnerable areas.

Epilating could lead to ingrown hair

Which could be prevented by adequately scrubbing the skin both before and after the epilating process. Ingrown hair occurs when the hair grows through the surrounding tissue, instead of growing out from the hair follicle. Such a sideways growth could be a result of improper epilation, or due to dead skin cells blocking hair follicle openings. It is common in areas having coarse hair.

333oiuEpilators are available under many brand names, and reputed brands would provide safer choices.  You can just click here to find the best epilator . The technique claims a hair-free skin for up to three weeks, and sparse hair growth may start after two weeks of epilating.