Do You Know How To Use A Hair Straightener?


In the world of beauty, there are few things the cameras are attracted to if not long, sleek, straight and shiny hair. There are many concerns raised regarding hair straightening while at home. In an actual sense, you are clamping your hair with a hot iron device. The temperature here is hot enough to make your pizza. Celebrities and movie stars always seem to be having Straight Hair Day whenever they are on camera. Here are some of the secrets that they do behind the scenes.

Start in the shower

22x,nvjndnJust to kill off any misconception; no conditioner or shampoo can give you straight hair. Hair care items labeled smoothing moisturize your hair strands. For those with brittle, dried out hair that is unable to lie flat, hair straighteners seem to be their best alternative. Use a paddle comb to brush the conditioner through your hair. After this, gently rinse your hair.

A mistake commonly made is to towel dry your hair thoroughly once you get out of the shower. This only strengthens your natural curls. Do not forget to put your hair gently downwards when drying.

Use your blow-dryer properly

Blow dryers can be damaging to your hair. This is what makes the difference when trying to achieve a sleek finish. Those were using dryers right out of the shower should rough-dry their hair. This involves moving the dryer back and forth over your head. Ensure that the dryer remains pointing downwards.
This will dry just about 80% of the hair, and the remaining 20% will remain up to you. You can let the remaining moisture within air dry. When brushing, the
nylon brushes are better than the plastic ones.

Sizzle your strands

Do not just apply anything to dry hair. Straightening your hair should be differentiated from curling hair. Once iron clamps down your hair, there is nowhere for this product to go. What happens is the heat burns the product into the hair follicle. This gets worse if you are using alcohol based products.

Use thermal protectants

The hair straighteners can be used on damp hair. When using thick and coarse hair, one can use argan oil to assist in moisturizing the hair and add more shine.

Cranked up temperature

The 450-degree setting is specifically designed for salons and professional keratin treatments. Fine undamaged hair should remain in the safe zone of 300 to 350 degrees.

Split it into sections

33jbdvvdkjhjDo not randomly grab chunks of hair. The iron will not be able access thick hair pieces. It will not be a good idea to reapply unnecessary heat continuously. Instead, split your hair at the middle and back then push it forward. This opens up two section to work with. If your hair is too thick clump it into four parts. Dividing your hair into sections saves you time when straightening it out.

Repeat the motions

Pass over your hair with the iron. It will create some tension, then pull it downwards beginning from the roots. Curly styles are easier to pull and straighten. Repeat the motions continuously.