Reasons Of Buying A Cape

A cape, which is known by many as a tippet, can be described as a sleeveless piece of clothing. It is mostly decorated with embroidery. In times gone, the Cape’s inside part could be lined up with fur from a marten or fox. But with this fashion fading up in more recent years, many manufacturers have opted to line it up with faux fur or some other comfortable but expensive materials. This can either be wool, silk, velvet, cashmere or even satin.

In more recent years, capes have cautiously crept back into the world of fashion. They range from tailor made capes, those that are brightly colored to those that are gothic in nature. Currently, they are the in thing. But what are the real reasons why one should buy a cape

One can wear them to multiple occasions


One of the major reason that people purchase capes is that they can be worn on a number of occasions. They can allow one to match them with a variety of clothes. It is possible to wear a cape on top of an evening gown or jeans. The cape can also be worn in different seasons of the year. Even though initially designed to keep people warm, this piece of clothing has evolved into a garment that can be worn in the summer, autumn or even spring.

Adds elegance to one’s dressing

Want to achieve elegance in your dressing, then going for a cape is the best way to do it. You can also use a cape to add style to that evening gown. This will also add a 1950s charm into it. If properly combined with jean, it can enable one achieve a marvelous casual but classy look. Not only will you be looking good in it, but the cape will also ensure that you are warm during the cooler months of the year.

Protection from rain

There are those Capes that will protect the wearer from rain. They are usually popular with military personnel. But if you are not a member of the military, worry not because there are those Capes that are designed to be worn during rainy seasons. These are those that are referred to as wet weather Capes. They not only provide their wearer with protection from rain but they serve as a great accessory.


Many people would not know this, but those who are familiar with superhero capes will tell you that a cape is very effective in the situations where you need to disguise yourself. This is as it is often done by superheroes. When you are in a superhero cape, and you have allowed it to flare out, it causes a scenario which makes it extremely difficult for your attacker to exactly determine where your body lies. This confuses them hence causing them to aim elsewhere.

Give one a vintage feeling


For those individuals who are looking to evoke bygone era memories, what better way to do it other than purchasing a vintage cape. This one will enable you to bring back the memories of the black and white movies. Hence fulfilling your memory desires.


Why and How To Buy A Kebaya Dress

A Kebaya is a shirt- dress of sorts that is traditionally worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and the Philippines. Most Kebayas are made of sheer material like silk or a semi-transparent cotton or polyester material that is embroidered with floral patterns or brocade or some colorful patterns. A Kebaya is traditionally won over a sarong or a traditional ikat, a songet or a batik Kain panjang.

Understanding the importance of Kebaya dress

Evolution of kebaya dress

Kebayas have evolved over the years and havefdgdfgfdgdfgdfg transcended from being a traditional or cultural garment but a fashionable piece of clothing. Kebayas have become more than just a national dress of the Indonesian people but a fashionable garment that has made its way down fashion show ramps and onto western style clothing shops.

How it is worn

How a Kebaya is worn depends on the style and fashion sensibility of the wearer. It might be a traditional dress, and you might like to wear it in the correct way; as it is worn traditionally. However, you can always mix the kebaya modern dress with other designs if you are a creative person. There are various reasons why Kebayas are so popular and why you would want to wear them:

They are comfortable

Kebayas are traditionally made from materials created with natural fibers. This not only makes them comfortable to wear but the material is easy to care for, and it is eco-friendly. Kebayas are colorful and eye catching

They are modest

A lot of countries and cultures imported the Kebaya because it is a modest item of clothing that women can wear. Kebayas cover the body without subjecting the wearer to dull modesty. Kebayas can be dressed up of down. They can be won over a traditional sarong, a skirt or a pair of jeans, or shorts. People who like to study the meaning or origins attached to things, people around them will be curious to know about the Kebaya. This makes it wearable talking piece.


fgdfgdfgdfgIf you ever get the chance to travel to Indonesia, make sure you find a good Kebaya to bring back with you. Remember that it is still a national dress. It might be useful to have a look about and see how Indonesian women wear theirs, maybe get some information of meanings attached to a specific embroidery design, colors and patterns. Fashion is always evolving, but Kebayas will always be around.