Features Of The Best Men’s Suit

Most men, who buy a suit, never give much thought to the features that are associated with men’s suit. What they seem to forget is that buying a good suit will require that you put several factors into consideration. While it is good to find a suit that perfectly fits you, it is equally important to buy the one that has great features. Here are some of the common features of a suit that will help you make the right decision.

The buttons

dfgbgfdergThis sounds simple and meaningless, but the truth is that it can have a great impact on the suit that you buy. Depending on the purpose of the suit, there are simple rules that you will need to follow. In most instances, business suits come with one, two or three buttons and they are normally single-breasted. Here, you need to understand that one button suit is more casual than the rest. Taller or larger men have a preference for the one with three buttons. If you are not sure of which is the best for you, then you can go for the one with two buttons.

Lapel style

There is three common lapel styles that you can choose from. You need to understand that for you to get that classic look that will make you attract attention to wherever you go, then you will need to choose the right lapel style. The three are the notch lapel, peak lapel and the triangular. You can work with your designer to determine which one is the best for you.


The sleeve is also another important area of a suit that you should consider if you want a perfect suit. In this case, there are two major parts that you will need to look into. First, you need to make sure that the buttons are functional. This is important because it will work towards ensuring that the suit perfectly fits you. You also need to look at the armholes. They are not supposed to be too low as this will lead to the jacket sleeve to ride up.


qwertrertyThese are slits that are normally found on the rare of the jacket. Not all suits have these vents. You, however, need to understand that it is all about preference. If you find them attractive to you, then you will have to go for those suits that have them. Most custom suits normally have them. You can check out custom suits chicago to see for yourself.


Features To Look For In A Mother Of Bride Dress

Wedding celebrations are always a happy moment for the bride and groom. These are great times that makes a turning point in their lives. As you plan for the actual day of the wedding, there are always different things to consider and plan for. One of the key consideration is always the dress of the mother of the bride. The mother of the bride, is usually so special in such an event and her dressing will always matter a lot. Having this fact in mind, the following are some features to look for in a mother of bride dress.

Mother Of Bride Dress

Consider the color

The color is an essential feature to consider as it may spark up or kill the mood of the dajszjszjjsjaajajjay. It is advised that you should have a knowledge of the colors that may be specially used in the event. If you want to buy the dress online, always ensure that you understand the shades of different dresses and the preference of what your mother may want so as to get the best mother of the bride dress.

Check the measurement

If you have an idea of the size before you go out shopping, this will enable you to have an easy time selecting the perfect dress. One should get the measurements from the bride’s mother so as to be certain with the purchase. Besides getting the actual sizes, it is important that you also check the size charts of the manufacturer for the perfect dress. A nice fitting dress will enable the bride’s mother to be comfortable at the event and look gorgeous.

Fabric types

Usually, most dresses of very special events are always made from silk, georgette, chiffon or organza material. These materials will make your dress more appealing and have an elegant look. Visiting shops before buying the dress will enable you to have an idea about these material types. It will make it easy to decide on what dress is the best for the mother of the bride.

Consider the quality with the price

Quality and price go hand in hand. You need to buy the highest quality of the mother of bride dress for the actual price you pay. If you take time and do a lot of market research, you will find the best quality of the dress at a price you can bargain. Sometimes you can find cheaper dresses, but the quality is not good. It is better to spend more, but the dress is of good quality.


kjajajaajajjaajajajAbove all other features, the design of the dress should be the one that suits her age. As you shop for mother of the bride dresses do not get a dress similar to the one that you will buy for a younger lady. It should be descent in such a way that it does not expose in any way. Also, consider the length of the dress. Ensure to get one that will be comfortable to wear. Consider a dress that is slightly above or below the knees or ankle length. This will enhance her comfort, and she will walk comfortably without being judged by anyone.

With the above, you are sure to get a stunning dress for the mother of the bride.


Guide To Buying Midi Skirts

Since mid-19 centuries the midi skirts have undergone tremendous evolution, and this type of skirts have become wardrobe essentials. The midi skirts have become part and parcel of dressing codes conduct of various working institutions. As fashion has evolved, every lady strives so much to ensure that she is not left backward when it comes to dressing style. Even though there has been so much evolution one does not only go for a midi skirt just for the sake, but they are some factors to be considered when choosing a midi skirt. The following are some of the tips to be considered when choosing the skirt.

Buying Midi Skirts

The Intended Functionloikuyhtrtyuioiuy

Since every function tends to have different dressing codes, when one is buying the midi skirt you need to have in mind when you intend to put on the midi skirt. For example, for one who intends to have a midi skirt for a dancing function then the flirty design circle skirts are ideal for such an occasion. Just as the name suggest this type of skirt is round at the bottom like a circle.

Consider the Right Size

When choosing the midi skirt, women need to understand their size. A skirt that is too small will always rise above on the hips. This will create a none pleasant muffin top at the waist. On the same note, a midi skirt that is a bit too long will make one to be shapeless and outdated when it comes to fashion.

Body Type

When buying a midi skirt, one needs to consider her body size and shape as different body size is most suitable for a given type of midi skirt. A slim lower body woman figure with weight around the waist will most likely be fantastic with a high-waisted flouncy skirt while apple-shaped women should always go for pleated shaped midi skirts as this will always ensure that the stomach is camouflaged.

Material of The Midi Skirt

kjhgfghyuiolkjhgjOne needs to understand that the fabric used in making the midi skirt has got significance impact on the lifetime of the skirt. For someone who intends to wear the sexy midi skirts very often should desist from buying the skirts made of fabrics which require dry cleaning and instead buy those made of machine cleaning fabrics.

Whatever the look you want to have, be very keen when choosing the type of midi skirt that suits you. As the midi skirt is suited with every woman’s body size and shape depending on a proper analysis of your desire and status.